Name: Bronze Rank
Price: 8.00 USD


  • Access to /craft (opens a portable crafting table)
  • Access to /disposal (opens up a portal disposal menu)
  • Access to /condense (condenses items into more compact blocks)
  • Access to /ci (clears your entire inventory)
  • Access to /recipe (displays how to craft items)
  • Access to /hat (wear any item on your head)
  • Access to /nick (change your nickname)


  • Disable announcements and death messages (/ia toggle, /dmtoggle)
  • Withdraw currency into physical coins (/withdraw)
  • Access to the default emoji set (/emojis)
  • Fly in spawn (/fly)
  • Parkour block selector (/warp Parkour)
  • 20 homes
  • 10 player warps
  • 10 auctions
  • Custom Chat Prefix
  • Custom In-Game Rank Join & Leave Messages
  • Custom Discord Role
  • 10 Image Maps